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Surya Kriya

Fire up the sun within

  • 'Surya' means sun and 'kriya' means inner energy process.

  • Surya Kriya activates the solar plexus to raise the solar heat in the system.

  • It  balances a person’s left and right energy channels, leading to stability of the body and stillness of the mind.

  • Is a comprehensive spiritual practice that is ideal for the hectic pace of today’s world.

  • Designed by Sadhguru, a yogi, mystic and visionary. Sadhguru is the Founder of Isha Foundation​ and Isha Hatha Yoga School.

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  • Develops mental clarity and focus.

  • Remedies weak parts in the body.

  • Boosts vigor & vitality.

  • Balances hormonal levels in the body.

  • Prepares one for deeper states of meditation.

  • Please write to us for queries on Yoga for specific health conditions.

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Photo by Isha Foundation 

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