I am Swathi Sampath (Girija), Hatha Yoga teacher based in Los Angeles. Certified by Isha Hatha Yoga School in Coimbatore, India, after a successful completion of 5 months, well over 1750 hours of diligent and intense training.


Sadhguru a yogi and profound mystic of our times, a visionary humanitarian and a prominent spiritual leader is the founder  of Isha Hatha Yoga School and Isha Foundation.


All Yoga programs offered by LA Hatha Yoga is designed by Sadhguru.LA Hatha Yoga offers courses in many cities across United States and Internationally.  


I was introduced to Sadhguru’s teachings in the year 2008. This was the purest and authentic form of Hatha Yoga I had ever come across since my childhood, having had years of training from different Yoga studios growing up. Since then, Yoga became integral part of my life. A profound tool to make my life the way I want it. 


I wish to bring this opportunity to everyone. After practicing this pure, authentic and classical Hatha Yoga and observing the transformation it brings,  I can say with confidence that this tool will help everyone irrespective of where they are in life. 

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I can say with confidence after practicing pure, authentic, Classical Hatha Yoga and observing the transformation it brings, this tool will help everyone irrespective of where they are in life. 


“If you open up your body, mind, and emotions, your life will be pretty good. If you open up your energy system, it will become magical.” - Sadhguru.

This is one of the foundations of Hatha Yoga. Classical Hatha Yoga works with the energy system not just the body and mind.


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